About Adventurous Journeys - for Supervisors

Adventurous Journeys are an exciting part of The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award and the Bridge Award.

Supervisors play an important role in the success of participants.

You can supervise 3 types of journeys with The Duke of Ed:

  • expeditions
  • explorations
  • Adventurous Projects.

The Bridge Award journeys are usually simpler and can be either explorations or expeditions. Adventurous Projects are not suitable for Bridge Award journeys.

Learn more about the types of journey and what they involve for:

Supervision requirements

What journey types can I supervise?

The types of journey you can supervise depend on your level of qualifications. If the journey involves an outdoor medium—such as canoeing or hiking through the bush—then you will need a nationally recognised qualification in the outdoor medium the participants will be undertaking.

If the journey is in an urban setting (e.g. taking a bus to a museum) then you do not need an outdoor qualification.

Find out about eligibility and how to apply.

Supervisor-participant ratios

For expeditions and explorations, ensure there are between 4 and 7 participants in each Adventurous Journey group. Groups with more than 7 people must be split into smaller sub-groups.

Queensland Adventurous Journey Policy

Adventurous Journeys operate under a policy (PDF, 473KB) policy (RTF, 143KB) designed to ensure the safety of young people, while not affecting their sense of adventure or independence. The Queensland policy includes the following main safety principles:

  • All journeys (preparation, training, practice and qualifying) involving participants under 18 years must be supervised by an appropriately qualified Adventurous Journey Supervisor.
  • All journeys conducted in remote areas* must include an emergency locator communication device, such as a Personal Locator Beacon, and appropriate two-way communication equipment, such as a satellite phone.

*A remote area is defined as an area where access to professional medical care is greater than 1 hour away.


Adventurous Journey Supervisors are accountable and responsible to the Award Unit that engaged them to undertake the journey.

Resources and documents

If you’re already an Adventurous Journey Supervisor, we have two mandatory forms and other risk management documents you need to plan, risk manage and supervise a journey.

More information

More information about Adventurous Journeys can be found in chapter 6 of the National Handbook (PDF, 3.3MB).