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How to pay tolls

To pay your toll contact go via, the toll payment provider, for Queensland Toll Roads.

There are no toll booths or toll gates in Queensland.

The Queensland Toll Road website provides the cost and information about each toll road.

Toll road operators in Queensland use electronic free-flow tolling. Tolls are automatically calculated as a vehicle passes under a tolling point.

You can set up an account or pay your toll online, by phone or visiting a participating retailer. You can usually pay your toll up to 30 days before or up to 3 days after travelling on a toll road.

Options for occasional use of toll roads

If you only use toll roads a few times a year and just want to pay for your trip without opening an account, you may find the pass products available from the toll payment providers are the most convenient method of payment.

Contact the toll payment provider for more information on passes.

Options for regular use of toll roads

A toll account may suit you if you plan to use toll roads regularly. Most accounts can be used to pay for travel on any toll road in Australia.

Tag account

With a tag account, you receive a tag that may be fitted to your vehicle’s windscreen. When your vehicle passes under the tolling point, the toll payment provider detects the tag and deducts the toll from your account.

Find out more about toll tags and accounts.

Video/Plate account

With a video or plate account, when your vehicle passes under the tolling point, the payment provider records an image of your number plate. The toll payment provider deducts the toll amount from your toll video account.

This is the most suitable option for motorcyclists, due to the difficulty in placing toll tags on motorcycles.

Additional fees to cover the cost of identifying your vehicle may apply.

Business account

This account is for business customers only. You may need an ABN to qualify for some accounts.

Maintaining your toll account

If you have a toll account, make sure you let the toll payment provider know your new details when you change your address or vehicle. If you set up an automatic top-up payment, make sure you update your account if your payment details change or you get a card with a new expiry date. This ensures that you will be tolled correctly and you will not receive any penalties.

How to pay tolls for a rental vehicle

If you rent a vehicle, check with the rental company about their tolling arrangements. You may need to note the rental vehicle’s number plate to pay the toll, including its state of registration if it is not registered in Queensland.

Unpaid tolls

If you drive on a toll road, and did not arrange payment before travel or pay your toll within 3 days, the vehicle’s registered owner will receive an unpaid toll notice from that toll road’s payment provider. This notice may also include additional fees. The notice will include instructions on how to pay.

Contact the toll payment provider if you have any questions.

Your toll tag account

Remember to update your address details with go via the toll payment provider.

Last updated
16 June 2016
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