Election signs

Election signs are freestanding advertising devices that identify candidates or promote a political party at local, state or federal government elections.

Election signs must not:

  • distract road users
  • obstruct road users’ clear line of vision
  • obstruct pedestrian or vehicle movement
  • block official road signs
  • otherwise cause a hazard to road users.

If you would like to place election signs on state-controlled roads you must complete a self-assessment for each sign.

Candidates are not permitted to construct temporary shelters, marquees, umbrellas or any other structure on state-controlled roads.

If you have further questions about election signs please contact 13 QGOV (13 74 68) or your local roads office.

Self-assessment checklist

Candidates must meet all the criteria in this section (display period, construction, location, placement) and ensure they are consistent with local laws regarding election signs.

Complete this checklist for each election sign to be located on state-controlled road corridors. If you have any further questions about meeting this criteria, please contact your local roads office for further information.

Display period

The sign must:

  • not be erected or displayed until the election date has been officially announced. For state and federal elections this is called the "issuing of the writ", for local government elections this is called the "notice of election".
  • is to be removed within 7 days of the election polling day (or less if required by the relevant local government).


The sign must:

  • be no larger than 0.6m2
  • be easily broken
  • have a timber stake or frame that is easily broken with a maximum cross-section measurement of 55mm x 25mm
  • be securely attached
  • not rotate, be illuminated, or contain moving images
  • not use reflective or fluorescent materials
  • not resemble a traffic control device.


The sign must:

  • be located at least 3.5m from the edge of the nearest traffic lane on roads where the speed limit is 80km/h or less
  • be located at least 6m from the edge of the nearest traffic lane on roads where the speed limit is more than 80km/h
  • not distract motorists, restrict sight distances on intersection approaches, obscure road traffic signs or otherwise affect safety
  • not be located on centre medians or roundabouts
  • not be attached to trailers or vehicles parked for the purpose of displaying election signs.
  • not be located on a motorway, freeway or similar road.
Election sign size and placement measurements
Election sign size and placement measurements


The sign must:

  • be located as close as possible to the property boundary
  • not be attached to trees, vegetation, or structures such as road signs, guardrails, light or power poles
  • not hold up the flow of traffic, hang over the road or interfere with the road’s operation (including a person holding or waving an election sign)
  • not obstruct pedestrians and cyclists
  • not proliferate along a property boundary.

Compliance actions

The Department of Transport and Main Roads can take compliance action if an election sign creates a road safety or traffic efficiency problem on a state-controlled road.

Election signs must meet the self-assessment checklist criteria. If not, we may:

  • remove the sign without notice
  • contact the candidate and request that the sign is removed and relocated to a compliant location

The Department of Transport and Main Roads does not permit election signs mounted onto vehicles and trailers for the sole purpose of election advertising as it may present a road safety risk. We have no authority over the content of election signs; this is the responsibility of the relevant electoral commission.

Election signs must meet the requirements of the Electoral Commission of Queensland and the Electoral Act 1992.

The candidate accepts liability for any claims arising from the placement of election signs.

Election signs on local government land or private property

Election signs located on private property and local roads are managed by local government. Election signs located on some state-controlled roads may also be managed by local government. To check the requirements for private property or local roads, contact your local government area.