Using E10 in your vehicle

E10 fuel is a blend of up to 10% ethanol and 90% unleaded petrol. Premium E10 is a similar blend of ethanol and premium unleaded fuel.

Vehicle manufacturers have improved engine technology and more car engines are now built to run on E10 fuel.

Most vehicles are compatible

Most petrol vehicles built after 2000 are compatible with E10.

If your car is E10 compatible you can replace your unleaded petrol with E10 when you fill up. It’s ok to switch back and forth between E10 and other unleaded fuel types, where your manufacturer has advised these fuels are suitable for your vehicle.

If you're unsure about your vehicle, contact your vehicle manufacturer.

Benefits of using E10

Vehicle manufacturers are constantly updating technology and fuel systems to improve performance, drivability, fuel economy and emissions.

Fuel quality

All fuels, including E10, are blended to strict Australian fuel quality standards. These standards set out:

  • the maximum amount of ethanol that can be blended
  • how E10 is labelled
  • the technical requirements and environmental performance of ethanol and other fuels.

Renewable energy

The ethanol used in E10 is a renewable energy source that is produced in Queensland. Find out more about E10 and the environment.

Quality and performance

Vehicle performance and fuel economy is influenced by many factors, including:

  • driving conditions
  • tyre pressure
  • road conditions
  • air conditioner usage
  • vehicle maintenance
  • how smoothly you drive overall.

For compatible vehicles there should be no noticeable change to performance or drivability. The lower energy content of ethanol may lead to a slight reduction in economy, although in real-world driving conditions this will probably not be noticeable.

Regular servicing following the manufacturer's specifications is important to ensure your car operates efficiently—whether it runs on E10 or any other fuel.

Supporting Queensland production

Queensland produces E10 fuel. Queensland is well placed to capitalise on the opportunity with our climate, technically-advanced agricultural sector, skilled workforce and world-class biomass supply.

Used in over 60 countries

Ethanol-blended fuels are now used in over 64 countries around the world. Many countries have relied on ethanol-blended fuel for decades. With vehicle production leaving Australia, more vehicles manufactured overseas are built to run on E10.