Heavy vehicle guidelines

The Heavy Vehicle National Law 2012 (HVNL) began in February 2014. It applies to all vehicles over 4.5t gross vehicle mass (GVM) operating in Queensland, and is administered by the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR).

Before the HVNL commenced, numerous guidelines and policies were developed to help large vehicles—and vehicles carrying large indivisible articles—move safely and efficiently in Queensland.

These guidelines and policies:

  • allow access to the road network—often without the need to get individual class permits
  • provide a balance between industry needs and the impacts of heavy vehicles on the community and road network
  • provide exemptions from regulations and are considered a legal authority
  • are preserved under the HVNL—unless they expire or are replaced by NHVR notices or regulations.

Axle masses

The axle mass limits in Queensland comparison table (PDF, 57KB) details various combinations and their axle masses. These masses are a reference guide only and do not override legislation.

In Queensland, you do not need to carry a guideline in your vehicle—however operators should be fully aware of all the conditions and restrictions that apply.


Livestock loading

Excess mass/dimension vehicles

Find out about excess mass and dimension permits.

Higher mass limits

Agricultural vehicles and agricultural combinations

View maps of multi-combination routes—including all zones maps of Queensland.

Cotton modules

View maps of multi-combination routes—including all zones maps of Queensland.

Conditional registration

Note: the zone maps refer to 'heavy vehicle zones'—as the maps are used for both the:

  • guideline for conditionally registered vehicles (F17)
  • guideline for excess dimension agricultural vehicles and agricultural combinations (F14).

Special use light trailers

This guideline covers the use of trailers that are specially constructed to transport dragon boats, gliders, rowing skulls and yachts between 2.5-2.9m wide on trailers complying with dimension requirements.

Vehicles covered by the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator

Vehicles and topics now covered by the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) include:

  • B-doubles, road trains, B-triples, AB-triples—check the multi-combination route maps and zones in Queensland
  • 14.6m long and 4.6m high semitrailers (F5)—trailers only
  • motor truck and dog trailer combinations (F18)
  • 14.9m long refrigerated trailers (F19)
  • increased front steer axle mass vehicles in Queensland (F20)
  • concessional mass limits (F21).