Pay registration by BPAY – phone and internet banking

Contact your bank or financial institution to make this payment from your cheque, savings, debit or transaction account.

When making a registration payment you must use the:

  • BPAY Biller Code
  • payment reference number
  • amount for the registration term required (eg. 6- or 12-months) on your current registration renewal notice.

Incorrect details

Payments using incorrect payment reference details or amounts (e.g. part payment) will be returned to your financial institution.

How long does a BPAY payment take

Your BPAY payment may take several days to process depending on your financial institution. To avoid a late payment fee check with your bank for how long this payment will take, to make sure your payment is received on or before your due date.

If your payment is received after the due date, your next registration renewal date may be adjusted to allow for the late payment fee.

It is important that your registration remains current as it is an offence to drive an unregistered vehicle.

Renewing heavy vehicle registration

Heavy vehicle registration renewals may need a certificate of inspection. Your renewal notice will show if this is needed. Some payment options cannot be used if a certificate of inspection is needed.