Vehicle registration duty calculator

Estimate how much vehicle registration duty you will pay.

This estimator:

  • is a guide only—it is not a substitute for professional advice
  • cannot be used for transactions before 1 July 2018
  • does not include Department of Transport and Main Roads registration fees.

Figures are rounded up to the nearest $100.

Enter the dutiable value of the vehicle in dollars below, and select the vehicle and motor type.

Vehicle value


Vehicle type

Light vehicle (e.g. car, 4WD, motorbike)
Heavy vehicle (more than 4.5t gross vehicle mass)
Special vehicle (such as forklifts, tractors, graders)

Motor type

Hybrid or electric
1 to 4 cylinders, 2 rotors or steam
5 or 6 cylinders, or 3 rotors
7 or more cylinders