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Queensland Electric Super Highway

The Queensland Government in collaboration with local councils and other partners is rolling out the Queensland Electric Super Highway to encourage, support and accelerate the uptake of electric vehicles in Queensland.

By early 2018, the Queensland Electric Super Highway will be the world's longest electric super charger highway in a single state. It will allow Queenslanders and tourists to travel from the Gold Coast to Cairns and from Brisbane to Toowoomba in a low or zero emissions vehicle.

The fast chargers will be installed in convenient, safe locations close to major highways where there are existing amenities such as cafes, restaurants and shops. The sites have been identified to allow motorists to easily charge their vehicle and have a short break during their journey allowing them to prepare for a safe journey.

All of the electricity will be from Green Energy using green energy credits and offsets making it a carbon friendly, pollutant free transport option. As the percentage of renewables in Queensland's local energy generation mix increases, the full emissions reduction potential of EVs will be realised.

An EV recharged 100% by solar can save 3.8 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions annually when compared to a traditional, internal combustion engine vehicle (driving over 15,000km per year).

How much will it cost to charge at a station?

To encourage people to use the stations, the fast-charging stations will be available for use at no cost, for the initial phase of the Queensland Electric Super Highway.

Charging stations

The type of connections that have been chosen support the majority of EV models currently available in Australia and are recognised as industry standard around the world.

Some makes and models, for example Tesla vehicles, will need to use adaptors to connect to the charging stations. If you are unsure if your EV is supported by these charging options, please check your vehicle manual or with the vehicle manufacturer.

DC charging options AC charging options

CHAdeMO and CCS Combo Type 2 cables

CHAdeMO and CCS Combo Type 2 cables

Mennekes Type 2 socket (charging cable will need to be supplied)

AC chargers Mennekes icon

When using the charging stations, follow all instructions displayed at the station including:

  • use only as intended and with due care
  • only cables and cars which use the charging connections available can be charged at the stations
  • for DC fast charging use the cables attached to the charger
  • for AC charging use your own charging cable or adapter that supports the Mennekes socket
  • connect the cable to your vehicle's charging point
  • activate 'charging' on the charging point
  • if you are unsure if your vehicle supports AC charging or DC fast charging please check your vehicles handbook before using.

See a map of the Queensland Electric Super Highway, including charging stations.

Last updated
17 October 2017
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