Digital Licence App

We are trialling a Digital Licence. It is a handy app that allows Queenslanders to securely and easily store their driver licences, photo identification cards and recreational marine licences digitally on their mobile devices.

In the future, it is expected that additional Department of Transport and Main Roads credentials will be added.

Please note: The Digital Licence is being developed, and is not yet widely available. Register for updates to stay up to date.

Why do I need a Digital Licence?

The way we use a driver licence has changed from when they were first introduced in 1910. Not only is it an official document which allows you to drive, it is now widely accepted as a form of identification at places such as your bank, pubs and clubs, pharmacies and car rental agencies.

The Digital Licence will provide a better and safer way for Queenslanders to validate their identity digitally.

What does a Digital Licence do?

Queensland's first Digital Licence

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Queenslanders, say hello to the Digital Licence App.

From the first time you slap your L plates on, it will be with you, celebrating all the important moments. Like your first
car. Or your first "just a scratch." Yeah, that one's not getting buffed out.

Cheers to weekends catching up with mates. And no  more, "Ahh, I forgot my ID." Moving on up?
Moving on out? Nothing can stop you. Your licence is right there, whenever you need it. And when you need to get away for a bit,
we're still right here to make life easy.

Because all Queenslanders should have freedom to move through life, never missing a beat.

We created the Digital Licence App for Queenslanders of all ages to be able to access their info securely and privately, when it matters most. Whether it's registration, identification, or recreation - keep life moving, with the Digital Licence App.

About the Digital Licence

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The Queensland Digital Licence App

It is safer, and more secure, stored behind your phone's security, as well as a unique Digital Licence App PIN, that you set yourself.

You control what others see.

You provide consent, to share the information you want to share.

This may be as little as you are over 18, or as much as your full drivers licence.

Your phone never needs to leave your hand, even when sharing.

Sharing can also occur when there is no internet coverage.

You can see what you have shared, and the other device does not store your information.

You can prove your age without sharing your name, date of birth or address. The receiving device only sees that you are over 18, with your photo, and a green tick.

You can also share a printable version of your ID, by choosing this in the Share menu. This means no more photocopying or scanning of your physical licence.

The Digital Licence App - more than just a driver licence, it is about you.

The Digital Licence provides a range of benefits:


We take security seriously and we will include extra security features to ensure your data is protected against cybercrimes and theft. For example, if you lose your phone anyone finding it will have to bypass your device security (if enabled) then the security features protecting the digital licence.


You will be able to determine what information you share with others. For example, if you need to prove your age, the licence will allow the person checking to see your photo and confirm your age, but not see your name or where you live. You control what information you share depending on the circumstances.

To ensure that the Digital Licence App meets stringent privacy standards, we undertook a Privacy Impact Assessment. All recommendations in the assessment will be implemented.


You will be able to access and update your contact details and receive notifications when your licence renewal is due. Even without phone service, your credentials will still be available.

Any changes to your licence will be updated in the app (when connected to the internet).

Digital Licence trial

The Digital Licence was trialled in the Fraser Coast region during 2020. We are heading to Townsville for the next stage of our trial, then rolling out to the rest of Queensland in 2023.

Digital Licence safety

The Digital Licence will be encrypted and your information will be stored safely. You will be able to choose who you share your information with – when, where and how you need to. It will also enable businesses to validate a licence digitally, so that people can have confidence that the Digital Licence presented is genuine.

If you lose your phone, you will be able to cancel access to your digital licence app by using another device, and restore it onto a new device.

Choosing to use a Digital Licence

Choosing to use the Digital Licence is entirely up to you. It will not be compulsory to use the Queensland Digital Licence app. You have the choice to opt-in and your existing physical licences can still be used.

Legislation changes

In July 2020, the Queensland Government passed an amendment to existing legislation which made the Digital Licence the legal equivalent of the physical licence, an important step in our journey to making the Digital Licence a part of Queenslanders' everyday lives.

Contact us

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This initiative aligns to the Advancing Queensland priority to be a responsive government.