Cooperative and Automated Vehicle Initiative

The Cooperative and Automated Vehicle Initiative (CAVI) will be delivered by the Department of Transport and Main Roads to help prepare for the arrival of new vehicle technologies with safety, mobility and environmental benefits on Queensland roads.

CAVI will lay the technical foundations for the next generation of smart transport infrastructure. This will focus on:

  • developing policy to support positive outcomes
  • supporting regulation, legislation, licensing, possible certification and testing
  • managing infrastructure, data and system integration
  • conducting pilot projects and feasibility studies.

CAVI consists of 4 components:


The goal of CAVI is to test cooperative and automated vehicle technologies that make roads safer by contributing towards our vision of zero road deaths and serious injuries on the state’s roads.

Project objectives

  • Validate the impacts and benefits, and user perceptions
  • Demonstrate technologies and build public awareness and uptake
  • Grow the Department of Transport and Main Roads technical and organisational readiness
  • Encourage partnerships and build capability in private and public sectors



Project outcomes

  • Government and local industry representatives are up-skilled in deployment and operations
  • New industry partnerships for services are formed and tested
  • Current understanding of government direction/actions to support deployment are captured in a road map
  • Safety benefits are estimated, and public perceptions are validated through on-road testing
  • Public awareness is increased
  • A test-bed for use by government, industry and academia is available after the pilot