Nominate your Queensland Local Hero

Do you know a local hero? Nominate a local hero and they could win the first of Queensland's new number plates.

Nominate your Queensland Local Hero here to enter them in the chance to receive the very first number plate (000-AA0) in Queensland’s new motor vehicle series which is launching soon!

We are seeking nominations of your local heroes to help recognise one lucky nominee with the first of the state’s new-look number plates.

The current number plate series in Queensland, which includes a combination of 3 numbers followed by 3 letters, has come to an end after more than 40 years in production.

The new series will feature 3 numbers followed by 2 letters and a number – a combination unique to Queensland. The first number plate in this series will read 000-AA0 and we need your help to award it to a worthy hero.

We are looking for a local hero who has significantly supported the community, especially those who have contributed to safe and accessible travel in Queensland. From driver reviver site volunteers through to bus drivers for your local sporting club, we need your nominations!


The chosen Local Hero will receive the first plate in the series, 000-AA0, plus a gift card for $500. There are 4 more $250 gift cards for shortlisted heroes.

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