'You're no dummy' campaign speaks to young drivers

Earlier this year, we asked teams of young Queenslanders to pitch us their ideas for an online campaign to encourage young drivers (and their parents) to buy the safest car they can afford.  During Queensland Road Safety Week, we launched the winning campaign idea 'You're no dummy'.

Developed as part of the Department of Transport and Main Road’s (TMR)'s fourth Co-Lab Youth Road Safety Challenge (Co-Lab), 'You're no dummy' is a humorous campaign with a serious message. By driving a vehicle with more modern safety features and a higher safety rating, you can reduce the risk of yourself and your passengers dying or being seriously injured in a crash.

This year’s 'You're no dummy' campaign is the brain child of the 2019 Co-Lab winning team made up of Christina Simonoski, Danielle Emmerich, Luke Middleton and Madison Brittain. The campaign, which features a humorous and acrobatic crash test dummy, encourages people to check the car's safety ratings before they buy a car.

Unfortunately, research has highlighted that vehicle safety is not a top priority for young drivers often taking a backseat to costs and looks.  As a result, some of our most vulnerable drivers end up having older cars without vital safety features normally prevalent in modern cars, with the average age of vehicles owned by 16 to 20-year-olds ranging from 11.6 to 14.6 years. The campaign will run online for 6 weeks concluding Friday 11 October 2019.

Tools to help you find the safest car available for your budget are also available at the StreetSmartsQld website.

Since 2015, TMR's Co-Lab program has collaborated with more than 375 young people with campaigns reaching over 12 million people. The next Co-Lab challenge event will be held in early 2020.