Changes to NHVR National Notices and TMR guidelines

Transport operators should be aware that an authorisation (Guideline or Notice) under which they have been operating may have expired, been transitioned, renamed or amended and are encouraged to check the latest information sheets on the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) website.

The following documents on the NHVR website detail these Guidelines or Notices:

The operating requirements and conditions have not changed. However, these new Notices also require compliance with the conditions and restrictions specified in the Access Conditions Guide that is available on the Queensland Government publications website.

In relation to Pilot and Escort operations, TMR advises the requirements and conditions for pilot and escort operations have been transitioned into the TMR Guideline for Pilot and Escort Operations in Queensland (Form 41) and are available on the Queensland Government publications website.

A complete list of expiring notices, guidelines and their replacement documents are available on the NHVR website at the following location:

For more information, contact the NHVR via email or call 1300 MYNHVR* (1300 696 487).