Road trip to test Artificial Intelligence on Queensland streets

Over the next 3 months, QUT researchers will take an Artificial Intelligence (AI) system on a 1200km road trip throughout Queensland, as part of TMR’s Cooperative and Highly Automated Driving (CHAD) Pilot.

Using a standard electric Renault ZOE vehicle fitted with automated vehicle sensors, the car will travel on both urban and rural roads at various speeds in a range of weather conditions to help determine if automated vehicles can reliably detect Australian road infrastructure (such as road markings, signage and traffic lights) now and into the future.

The state-of-the-art sensors fitted on this vehicle are not on commercial cars today, but are likely to be fitted on future automated vehicles.

This research is the first of its kind for Australia and will ensure that automated vehicles can be safely integrated into our road network.

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Video description:

The video shows state-of-the-art sensors, cameras and computers being installed on the Zoe 1 research vehicle (Renault Zoe electric vehicle).

The vehicle completes its test run with a LiDAR, stereo camera, GPS,  360º camera and mono-camera before it heads out on a 1200km road trip on southeast Queensland Roads by QUT from February to April 2019.

The research will test how the sensors and Artificial Intelligence (AI) respond to Queensland roads.