Reboot your commute

Reboot your commuteWith restrictions easing and more Queenslanders returning to the office, now is a great time to rethink the way you travel and #RebootYourCommute.

Active transport, in particular, is a great way to improve your health and fitness, reduce the cost of transport and avoid peak hour traffic. Take a look at the benefits of active transport, and some tips on how to reboot your commute below.

Benefits of active transport

There are many great reasons to choose active transport over other transport options:

  • Health – increased physical activity improves both physical and mental health.
  • Financial – active transport options are typically cheaper than other transport options.
  • Environmental – active transport uses minimal fossil fuels and is a pollution-free mode of transport.
  • Social – active transport is an affordable and independent option for those who might otherwise have restricted travel options.
  • Community – when people walk or ride a bike as transport, they are more likely to use local businesses for their shopping.

How to Reboot Your Commute

When thinking about your transport options, consider:

  • Working part-time from home
  • Bike riding or walking if you live within 10kms of your workplace
  • Combining different options like riding or walking part of the way—before catching a bus or train for the rest of your journey
  • Driving to work outside of peak periods.

Find out more

Here are some great resources to help you Reboot Your Commute:

Your local government may also provide some helpful information specific to your area. Use the local government directory to find the relevant website.