New motorbike campaign to help tackle the rising number of lives lost

RideCraft - one of the Queensland Government's many initiatives aimed at reducing the shocking motorcycle road toll has launched.

The campaign urges riders to lessen their increased risk and reduce their chances of a crash by employing safe riding practices and making smart decisions on the road.

Motorcyclists are over-represented in serious crashes in Queensland – accounting for around one quarter of all serious injuries and lives lost but representing only 5% of vehicles registered on the state's roads.

As of 13 September, 50 motorbike riders and passengers have lost their lives on Queensland roads so far this year– representing a near 45% increase on the previous 5-year average.

In the event of a road crash, motorcycle riders are approximately 30 times more likely to be killed than car occupants.

The RideCraft campaign encourages riders to 'tune up their ride craft' through a number of short online and social media videos.

Riders, both experienced and those just starting out, will be encouraged to visit a range of online resources, including:

Find out more about RideCraft.