Let's change the way we look at speed campaign

Between 16 September and 21 October 2018 the Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) is re-running its ‘Let's change the way we look at speed’ campaign.

First aired in 2017, the campaign highlights the dangers of low-level speeding on suburban roads and includes television and radio commercials, online/digital advertising, outdoor billboards and a strong social media presence.

Low-level speeding on suburban roads continues to be a driving behaviour that people refuse to accept as dangerous. The latest TMR research shows that 94% of people freely admit to speeding on some of their road trips, and nearly 50% of people admit to exceeding the designated speed limit by up to 10 kilometres per hour all or most of the time; yet around half of all serious speed-related crashes happen at less than 10km/h over the speed limit.

The ‘Let’s change the way we look at speed’ campaign shows a serious crash caused by speeding on a suburban street, allowing the viewer to experience the trauma for themselves.

The campaign includes a hard-hitting virtual reality experience which literally puts the viewer in the middle of the crash and the lives of those involved, bringing home the reality of how dangerous going just a few kilometres over the speed limit is, and how it can impact other innocent road users.

Download the virtual reality experience.

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