Protecting Queenslanders' identities

Licence showing card number
A driver licence showing the card number at the bottom of the card in the centre.
Back of driver licence indicating card number in the bottom right corner
Your card number is also displayed on the back bottom right of your card.

We've added an extra layer of protection to help keep your identity safe.

In response to recent data breaches, Transport and Main Roads has proactively taken steps to help protect Queenslanders from the unauthorised use of their identity.

As of Monday 7 November 2022, organisations (like banks and telcos) will use two-factor verification to confirm your identity through the Australian Government Document Verification Service. This means you will be asked to provide:

If you have been impacted by a data breach, you can keep your current customer reference number and card number. Your customer reference number will not change.

The driver licence card number changes each time your licence is renewed or replaced. This unique card number is like the CVV number on a credit or debit card.

Can I still change my driver licence number for free?

Starting Wednesday 1 March you will no longer be able to get a free licence card replacement. If you requested a new driver licence before this date, you will still receive a free replacement card. If you haven't received you card, please contact us.

Find out how to pay and order a new driver licence.

What do I do if an organisation says my details have been compromised?

If an organisation notifies you that your driver licence number and card number has been compromised, you can replace your driver licence online and pay the fee.

By replacing your licence card, you will receive a new card number and the old card number will no longer work. You will need to contact the organisation for a reimbursement of the driver licence card replacement fee.

When will I get my new customer reference number?

You will receive an email or letter notifying you when your card is on its way. If you haven't received you card, please contact us.

My licence is due to expire, what do I do?

If you've been notified that your licence is due to expire, you must renew your licence before the due date and pay the renewal fee. Don't wait until your request for a new customer reference number has been processed.

You can check your driver licence renewal notice to see if you are able to renew online or in person. If you need to renew in person, it is likely because we need to capture a new photo as photos are only valid for 10 years.

You must not drive if your licence has expired.