Drink driving? All bad

We're approaching the festive season and that often means celebrating with some drinks.

It's great to catch up with family and friends, but we want to remind Queenslanders that if your mate’s going to drink and drive, call them out. Then call them a lift, tell them to catch public transport, or give them the couch for the night.

Our All good. All bad. drink driving campaign will run from early December to the end of January next year to offer simple solutions to avoid drink driving. Public transport, taxi, calling a lift, or staying at a mate's place are 'all good' options, whereas drink driving is 'all bad'.

The campaign is delivered in a light-hearted way which makes hearing the message more receptive to those who have been drinking but shows mates caring for mates. There's always an alternative to drink driving.

Watch out for the campaign—it will be aired on outdoor billboards, on-demand TV and TV during the cricket and tennis, in entertainment precincts as well as licenced venue toilets, outdoor billboards, radio, Spotify, digital, and on Twitch TV for all our gamers.

Tragically, each year we see around 50 people lose their life to drink driving and a further 550 seriously injured. That's not what anyone wants on their Christmas list.

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