Be a part of a connected future

The Ipswich Connected Vehicle Pilot (ICVP), Australia's largest trial of connected vehicles, is now live in Ipswich.

We are calling for anyone who lives, works or travels regularly through Ipswich to take part and help shape the future.

What is the pilot?

We're looking for up to 500 recruits to be a part of our ground-breaking pilot by volunteering their own vehicles to be fitted with connected vehicle equipment.

Connected vehicle technology enables connected vehicles, roadside infrastructure and road operations systems to share safety related messages about the vehicle’s local environment, enabling the driver to be more informed about potential safety hazards or risks.

Safety warnings about several situations, such as a change of speed limit, upcoming road workers, a hazard on the road or a pedestrian crossing at a nearby signalised intersection will be tested during the pilot.

How you will be involved?

You will need to commit to driving your personal car, fitted with special technology, around Ipswich over the next 9 months. You'll also need to complete a small number of in-person interviews and online surveys.

The in-vehicle connected vehicle technology includes a small dash mounted screen, an external antenna and a small control box, likely to be installed under a front seat.

What you'll receive

Through the pilot you will receive periodic gift vouchers (totalling $500 at the end of the pilot) for committing your time and car. It's simple to participate, all you have to do is drive around Ipswich for a minimum of 3 hours per week.

How to apply

Join Australia's largest connected vehicle trial. Visit to find out more.

ICVP is part of a research study and is being delivered with the support of QUT’s Centre for Accident Research and Road Safety – Queensland.