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Open licence

Applying for an open licence

You can apply for an open licence by visiting a:

To upgrade your provisional licence to an open licence, you must:

Driving with an open licence

When driving with an open licence you must:

  • only drive the vehicles allowed on your licence class unless you are learning to drive a higher vehicle class
  • comply with any conditions on your licence
  • carry your licence with you at all times when driving a heavy vehicle and show it to a police officer if requested—you may be given 48 hours to present your licence if you are driving a class C vehicle or riding a motorcycle
  • not be under the influence of illegal or prescription drugs.

You must also obey the:

  • general alcohol limit (below 0.05) when driving a car or riding a motorcycle for private use
  • zero alcohol limit (0.00)
    • if you hold a class RE open motorcycle licence and you have held the class RE licence for less than 12 months you are required to comply with the zero alcohol limit (0.00) while riding a motorcycle
    • if you hold a valid licence that has an 'I' condition (for interlock) you are required to comply with the zero alcohol limit (0.00) at all times when driving.
  • zero alcohol limit (0.00) also applies when driving, or in charge of a:
    • truck
    • bus
    • articulated motor vehicle
    • B-double
    • road train
    • taxi
    • limousine
    • tow truck
    • pilot or escort vehicle escorting an oversize vehicle
    • vehicle carrying a placard load of dangerous goods
    • tractor
    • specially constructed vehicle
    • a vehicle you are using to deliver driver training.

You can supervise a learner driver once you have held that class of open licence for a year.

You can learn to drive the next higher vehicle class while you hold a provisional, probationary or open licence.


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26 July 2013

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