Wheelchair accessible taxi inspections

Existing bookings

Existing inspection bookings for wheelchair accessible taxis that are scheduled to occur prior to 6pm Friday 3 April 2020 will go ahead as planned. If your booking is cancelled we will contact you to discuss refund options and re-booking arrangements.

You are still required to arrange your annual safety inspection and obtain a current certificate of inspection.

Defect notices

If your wheelchair accessible taxi has an outstanding defect notice, you must still arrange for the defects to be fixed and re-certified by a qualified person. Your defect notice will include instructions on how to do this.

If you are having difficulty getting defects fixed within the allocated 28 days listed on the defect notice, please contact the Transport and Main Roads inspection station that conducted your inspection, these details are on your defect notice you received. The inspection station can arrange for an extension of time to be issued.

We are committed to ensuring the safety of the wheelchair accessible taxi fleet and will recommence the inspection program once we return to business as usual operations.