Personalised transport industry fee relief

On 25 April 2020, the Queensland Government announced support for taxi, limousine and rideshare drivers and operators as part a $54.5 million transport industry package. This package of measures has been fully delivered.

The package included:

  • providing existing booked hire/taxi driver authorisation holders fee relief to the value of a 6-month term for driver authorisation
  • extending taxi/limousine licences for 6 months
  • waiving the annual Taxi Industry Security Levy in 2019/20
  • extending existing booking entity authorisations for 6 months
  • temporarily implementing a refund policy for holders of booked hire service licences so they could receive a pro-rata refund if they chose to surrender their licence.

The Queensland Government has temporarily waived fees for operators to cancel and re-register their vehicles. Further information is available at: