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1. Registration costs | Transport and motoring | Queensland Government

Get a free online registration quote for your car, trailer or caravan, light truck or boat in Queensland and the fees you need to pay.

2. Update your address or personal details on your licence | Transport and motoring | Queensland Government

If you change your name or address, you must update your Queensland driver licence within 14 days. Find out how to arrange this.

6. Learner logbook | Transport and motoring | Queensland Government

Just got your learners? Find out what road rules apply to learner drivers in Queensland.

7. Bookings for individuals and groups | Recreation, sport and arts | Queensland Government

Before camping in a park or forest, you must make a booking and pay your camping fees to get a camping permit. Bookings can be made online, at an over-the-counter booking office or by phone. Organised groups can request a special group account,

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