Computers and the internet

Sometimes technology can seem a little overwhelming. If you would like to learn how easy using a computer or the internet can be, find out more about learning internet basics, where you can access free internet and Wi-Fi, online social networking, mobile apps and more.

Computers and the internet can save you time and hassle with their convenience and speed, especially if you find it hard to get around. If you are online, you can:

  • do your banking
  • buy tickets for movies, theatre and other entertainment
  • order meals or groceries
  • shop for clothes, household items, music, movies or almost anything
  • hire movies
  • email and send pictures to friends and family anywhere in the world
  • talk to friends and family anywhere in the world using programs such as Skype
  • lodge forms with health providers and some government organisations
  • learn—from short courses to a PhD, you can do it online.

Although the internet is very useful, it helps to be aware of online scams and fraud and avoid becoming a target.

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