Accredited training for sports coaches and volunteers

The Get Active Queensland Accreditation Program (GAQAP) provides free training that can lead to recognised accreditation in coaching, officiating and sports first aid.

More than 35,000 Queensland teachers, school sport volunteers, and tertiary and senior secondary school students have participated since it started in 2002, with the aim to:

  • increase the number of teachers and school sport volunteers with recognised sport and recreation accreditation
  • enhance the opportunities for curriculum / extra-curricular sports activities to be offered to school students.


We offer a variety of sports coaching, officiating and first aid courses in different locations, run by state sporting organisations.


Our coaching accreditations contain two parts:

  1. General Principles of Coaching Certificate which is a requirement to gain accreditation in most coaching activities. This can be obtained by;
  2. Sport Specific Practical including sport-specific practical components, e.g. rules, skills, drills, techniques, and strategies.


  1. Officiating courses focus on the rules, regulations, field/court dimensions, and specifications of the sport, giving you the theoretical knowledge to officiate in your chosen sport.
  2. Officiating Badge requires you to be practically assessed by the state sporting organisation.

Sports first aid

  1. Sports First Aid focuses on general first aid on the sporting field.
  2. Sports Strapping addresses strapping techniques for different parts of the body.


The length of courses range from 6 and 8 hours and are completed in one day.


The assessment requirements vary, including:

  • assessment completed during the course
  • practical and/or theoretical assessment completed after the course.


  • Most officiating courses require the Officiating General Principles Certificate; this certificate is needed to provide evidence of completion
  • Most coaching courses require the General Principles of Coaching Certificate; this certificate is needed to provide evidence of completion.

Recognised Prior Learning

Registered teachers and current accredited Level 1, 2 or 3 coaches receive full Recognised Prior Learning (RPL) for the General Principles of Coaching Certificate.

Student teachers, teacher aides, volunteers, community members, tertiary and senior secondary school students need to attain this certificate to receive the coaching accreditation. This does not apply to officiating, physical activity for people with a disability, or first aid courses.


Your course is free if you are a:

  • registered primary or secondary school teacher as evidenced by a copy of your teacher registration documentation; or
  • school sport volunteer with a letter of support on school letterhead; or
  • secondary school student with a letter of support on school letterhead; or
  • university student studying a Bachelor of Education with a letter of support on university letterhead.

You may have to pay a fee if you do not fall into one of the above categories; this will cover:

  • registration as a coach
  • awarding of national accreditation
  • other mandatory benefits such as insurance cover.

Read more about fees in the course information.


When you have completed you course you will receive an entry level coaching, officiating or first aid accreditation (i.e. level 1 or equivalent).

Some courses offer an Orientation to Coaching or Teacher's Certificate due to the level 1 accreditation in that sport being too complex for this program.

How to register

To register select a region to find the next course in your area.

If you are a senior school student, aged 16 years and under, and wish to participate in these courses independently (without your teacher’s attendance)you will need to have your parent/guardian complete a senior student consent form (PDF, 66KB) and send it to us.

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