Applying for and using SwimStart vouchers

SwimStart is a new voucher program to support learn to swim activities for 0 to 4 year olds.

When a round is open, parents, carers or guardians can apply for a voucher valued up to $150 for their child, which can be used towards swimming lessons with a registered SwimStart activity provider.  There is a limit of 1 voucher per child per financial year.

Read and understand the SwimStart application terms and conditions.

Key dates

7 November 2023 SwimStart round 1 opens for voucher applications
01 May 2024 Round 1 closes for voucher applications
29 May 2024 Last day for round 1 vouchers to be presented to an activity provider

Check if you're eligible

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Register an account

Parents, carers and guardians need to register for an Enquire account before applying for a SwimStart voucher. Registering for an Enquire account is only required once, for example, those people that registered for an Enquire account for FairPlay vouchers can use this same account.

Using your voucher

Step 1–make sure your activity is available

SwimStart vouchers can only be used with approved SwimStart activity providers.

If you have an activity provider or organisation in mind for your child and they are not listed on the Activity Provider directory, please approach the organisation to find out whether they plan to register.

Step 2–check what the costs are

Contact the SwimStart activity provider to find out the costs of the activity.

Your voucher can only be used for membership, registration or participation fees. If the fees are more than $150, you will need to pay the difference.

Step 3–how to print your voucher

  1. Log in to your Enquire account.
  2. Under the Vouchers heading, find the relevant voucher. You can filter vouchers (search for a specific voucher) by typing the child/young person’s name.
  3. Select Download on the right-hand side.
  4. Open the voucher.
  5. Hover your mouse over the pdf, right click and select Print.
  6. To email your voucher, right click, Save As to your computer and then attach it to your email.

Step 4–give the provider your voucher

Present or email the voucher to the SwimStart activity provider when you register your child. The voucher must be used before the expiry date.