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New Sport and Recreation Grant Registration Portal

Who needs to register?

  • Any organisation or individual wishing to apply for sport and recreation grant funding
  • Any organisation with an existing project, in order to receive payments or acquit/finalise that project

Why do I need to register?

Sport and Recreation are upgrading the Grant Registration Portal (GRP) to enhance our grants management system (enQuire), making it faster and easier to use, ensuring ongoing security of all information and speeding up payments.

Even if you have a current registration, you are required to re-register using the new GRP. Registration in the new GRP will allow you to:

  • receive immediate access to online applications for current funding programs
  • acquit/finalise existing projects
  • access a quicker, easier streamlined process for grant applications where organisational data is pre-populated in all online applications
  • ensure your information is safe, secure and controlled.

Any organisation or individual can only be registered once.

When can I register?

The GRP is due for release in early May 2017. Further details will be available closer to the date.

What do I need to do?

Please note a desktop computer or laptop is required to register in the Grant Registration Portal. The GRP does not currently support mobile and tablet devices.

Individuals will simply need to log on to enQuire once the new GRP is released and follow the prompts.

The GRP requires mandatory information in some fields for registration to be successful. Organisations will need the following information handy in order to register:

  • IA (Incorporated Association) number if applicable
  • ABN or ACN
  • A unique organisational email address such as ‘’. Read about organisational email addresses below.
  • An authorised, accountable Primary Contact (see more below).
  • Consideration of Secondary Contacts who may need access to the portal on behalf of your organisation (such as Secretary or Grants Writers).
  • Exact physical address of organisation (taken from rates notice) for geocoding purposes.

What should I use as my organisational email address?

An email address can only be used once when registering an account in the GRP. Email addresses are treated as a unique identifier in the system and subject to automated duplicate checks.

If a personal email address is used as part of registration of an organisation (either as an organisational email or Primary Contact), that email cannot be used to register in the GRP for personal funding applications or for other organisations the individual may be a committee member for.

For organisations, we highly recommend adopting at least two generic email addresses when registering in the GRP:

  • A generic account, such as, for the organisational contact.
  • A second generic account for the Primary Contact such as or These email addresses can remain as the primary contact even if the people in those positions change.

What is the Primary Contact?

The Primary Contact is the person authorised to act on the organisation’s behalf including maintaining data in the GRP and inviting Secondary Contacts (other users who may access the portal on behalf of your organisation).

We recommend one of these following positions should be considered as the Primary Contact:

  • For clubs:
    • the President, Treasurer, Secretary, Chief Executive or equivalent
  • For State Sporting Organisations:
    • the person who has day to day contact with Sport and Recreation about funding. This might not be the Chief Executive Officer or President (who can be entered as “Head Contact” to receive important correspondence) but should be someone with sufficient authority to make decisions on behalf of the organisation.
  • For Local Government Agencies:
    • the person who is responsible for applying and acquitting State Government Sport and Recreation funding. This might not be the Chief Executive Officer or Mayor (who can be entered as “Head Contact” to receive important correspondence) but should be someone with sufficient authority to make decisions on behalf of the LGA.

You will need the following information for your organisation’s Primary Contact:

  • Authority by the organisation/committee to register as the Primary Contact in the GRP
  • An appropriate organisational email address, such as ‘’. We recommend this is different from the generic organisational email address entered above.

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