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Find out how some of Queensland’s communities and sport and recreation clubs have benefited from Get in the Gameproviding funding for programs that get more people out and active.

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Get Started Vouchers

North Star Football Club

"I think Get Started is a great initiative - my son has had a wonderful season playing football which has only been possible because of the support that we received through Get Started - we are hoping to apply again next season so he can continue to play the game he loves.” - Jim Toomey, Parent

"We have a number of youngsters at our club who have been able to play football this year directly because of Get Started. These kids come from families who could not find the money without this help and it is great to see them given the opportunity to enjoy sport. The benefits to these kids of developing healthy lifestyles as well as being able to integrate socially with their peer groups cannot be underestimated and we commend the State Government on this fantastic initiative. Long may it continue!” - Troy Yule, President

Logan Rugby Union Club

The assistance provided to families from the Get Started vouchers has allowed members to re-join the club without having to evaluate the need. The voucher provided more families the opportunity to afford to participate. We were amazed at the take up and genuinely impressed by the simple process involved in the voucher system. The opportunity to gain the voucher benefited the players, participation levels and the club.” -Shelly Staunton, Club President

Coral Coast Judo Club

We have a number of families that have benefited greatly from the Get Started vouchers. In one family we had two sisters try judo through the Australian Sports Commissions Active After-school Communities program. They both wanted to join the club but the family could only afford to join one child. So the oldest sister got herself a judo suit and signed up. The younger sister sat in a chair watching and crying for the whole lesson because she wanted to join in. It was terrible. The family didn't bring the younger sister to watch after that. I told the family about the Get Started vouchers and they decided to apply when the next round of funding opened. This family has three or four children and some other dependents living with them and both parents work but they do not have a health care or concession card. They were able to get references from school to apply for the vouchers. The smile on the little sister's face when she finally got a judo suit and jumped on the mats was priceless.” – Dr Kim Marshall

Get Playing Places and Spaces

The Innisfail Netball Club–$80,410 to construct a new amenities block

The new amenities are an exciting addition and means the club will be able to host larger regional and state events in the future. Local schools will also now be able to use the netball courts with the provision of on-court amenities.”

The Sarina BMX Club–$100,000 to construct a multipurpose skate park

Now that we have this new facility, we will look at the possibility of attracting an Extreme BMX presenter to deliver a participation initiative that we will use as a recruitment opportunity. Currently, we have approximately 35-40 members and in the next five years we hope to have least doubled that number.” - Vic Norton, Club President

The YMCA of Bundaberg–$4,241 to upgrade two practice cricket wickets

Two concrete practice wickets at the club will be upgraded with triple stripe artificial grass, which is an Australian Cricket approved turf with built-in training aids. Three coloured lines running the length of the pitch provide an excellent training aid giving bowlers and batsman an enhanced view and understanding of position. It is hoped that these upgraded facilities will act as a drawcard for new local members. Currently, we have approximately 70 members and in the next five years we hope to have increased that number substantially.

Thanks to the Get Playing funding, we believe our club is well on its way to achieving this goal.” - Phill Selwood, YMCA CEO

Case studies

Get Going Clubs

The Kilcoy Motorcycle Club–$3,564 to conduct a come-and-try day

Our Come-and-Try day was a great success with 82 riders attending, 73 of whom signed up to be members.

This would not have been possible without the Get Going funding we received and we are all most appreciative.” - Ros Smerdon, Club Treasurer

Case studies