Planning your project

There are a number of initial considerations to be made when planning for an infrastructure project, such as:

project planning checklist (PDF, 436KB) will help to ensure you have considered all of the requirements prior to submitting your application for funding for your Get Playing Places and Spaces project.

Please ensure that you have taken the time to read the Goods and Services Tax (GST) fact sheet (PDF, 229KB) for more information surrounding the GST requirements on approved grants.

If necessary, consult with your council. A template form (DOCX, 35KB) is available for you to provide to your council seeking their commitment and/or relevant approvals for your project.

Helpful resources

A variety of different infrastructure projects are eligible for funding. Here are some common examples and resources to get your planning off to a good start.


You are encouraged to contact an independent lighting designer or consulting electrical engineer with a background in sports lighting to assist in the design of any sports lighting installation. Qualified structural engineers may also be required for field lighting installations involving the installation of lighting poles or masts.

Consultation with councils and State Level Organisations/peak bodies is also encouraged prior to commencing the planning of lighting to ensure lighting playing standards are adhered to.

Fact sheets detailing what is required to successfully implement a new field lighting installation are available.

  1. The sports field lighting summary fact sheet (PDF, 137KB) is a short form version for those in the early stages of considering a new field lighting installation.
  2. The sports field lighting detailed fact sheet (PDF, 140KB) is for use once the decision has been made to proceed with a new field lighting installation and which provides greater detail.
  3. field lighting calculation grid (PDF, 560KB) example shows thelighting design calculation grid as well as spill lighting considerations. This document provides a good example of what a field lighting design should look like before proceeding.
  4. sports field lighting checklist (PDF, 160KB) has been provided to assist with ensuring that important and costly steps are not missed in the process of completing an installation.

A list of qualified professionals can be obtained through the Illuminating Engineering Society of Australia and New Zealand Ltd. Find out about Australian standards at the Standards Australia website.


The Urban Irrigation Best Management Practices is published by the Irrigation Association of Australia Ltd. It provides best management practices to support the design, installation, maintenance and management of irrigation systems in ways that save water and protect water quality.

Playing areas

The facility costs fact sheet (PDF, 681KB) provides standard industry dimensions and indicative costs for developing new playing areas.

For information on planning, designing and marking out sports playing areas, you can also check out the Sport Dimensions Guide for Playing Areas guide, published by the Western Australian Department of Sport and Recreation.