Registering as a FairPlay voucher referral agent

Registered referral agents can assist families in genuine financial need to access FairPlay vouchers by:

  • promoting the program
  • helping families set up an account and apply for a voucher
  • providing access to a computer
  • assisting parents, guardians and carers who are experiencing language barriers
  • assisting the parent/carer/guardian if the child does not have a valid Services Australia Health Care Card or Pensioner Concession Card
  • applying for vouchers on their behalf using the parent/guardian/carer details.

Who is eligible to be a referral agent?

Referral agents must be aware of the obligations for referring a child or young person to the vouchers program:

  • only referring a child/young person that you have known in your professional capacity for a minimum of 3 months
  • agreeing to not refer immediate family
  • agreeing to not specify at which activity provider the voucher should or must be redeemed
  • upon request from the Department of Tourism, Innovation and Sport be able to justify the financial reasons why the child or young person has been referred
  • being aware of the privacy collection notice.

Referral agents can include:

  • Youth Justice and Child Safety officers
  • Community health workers
  • School/deputy principal or school guidance officer
  • Police officer (who works with children/families in need).

Referral Agents must be approved in the new Enquire system before assisting families.

Register as a Referral Agent in our new online system

Learn more about FairPlay Referral Agents, watch the video below.

FairPlay Referral Agent

Duration 2:53

Joining a sport or other  physical activity organisation is a great way for kids to keep active.
But some kids can’t join because  the costs get in the way.
Families who need a hand can apply for FairPlay vouchers, which provide up to $150 towards fees  
to join a registered Activity Provider. Families with a valid Services Australia  
Health Care Card, or Pensioner Concession Card, can apply for a voucher when a round is open.
Registered referral agents can help other families  in genuine need of financial support to apply.
To be a referral agent, you need to be  a professional working with children,  
like a youth justice worker, school  principal, police officer, health  
promotion worker or a school guidance officer. You need to have known the child professionally  
for at least three months, you can’t  refer your own child for a voucher,  
and you can’t stipulate which Activity  Provider the child should use the voucher at.
If you would like to be a referral agent,  and you meet the criteria, you need to  
create a FairPlay account and register online. If you’re not sure how to create an account,  
we have a ‘How to Apply’ video that  shows you what to do on our website.
To register login to your  Enquire Individual account and click ‘Apply’ next to ‘Register as  a referral agent for FairPlay vouchers’.
Complete the form and make sure you nominate  the number of children you would like to refer.  
There’s only a limited number of vouchers  so nominate the exact number of children  
you have identified, not an estimate. You’ll also need to ensure there is a  
registered Activity Provider where  the child can use the voucher.
When you save the online form, it is  sent to us to check if you’re eligible.
We will email you to confirm your registration  or ask you for more information if we need it.
Once you’re approved as a referral agent,  the process is complete, and there’s no need  
to register again. If you need to change  the number of vouchers you have nominated,  
just email our team. Before each round opens,  
we will email you to ask how many children  you would like to refer to the upcoming round,  
so please complete the  request as soon as possible.
If the families you are helping are able to  complete the online application themselves,  
you can send the voucher application  to them from your FairPlay account.
If a family needs help applying, you can  help the parent create a FairPlay account,  
or you can complete the  application on their behalf.
Thanks for helping children  and young people be active.
Authorised by the Queensland  Government, William St, Brisbane.

Check if you're eligible to be a Referral Agent

Register as a Referral Agent

  • when you are approved as a Referral Agent and the round is open, the Department of Tourism, Innovation and Sport will email you to tell you how many vouchers have been allocated to you.
  • you will be able to see the allocated vouchers on your Enquire homepage.

Finding vouchers that have been requested:

  • your requested voucher invitation from the department to your Referral Agent log in will show on your Enquire account homepage. You can see the total past invitations in the Past events tab.
  • when a round opens, check your homepage regularly to ensure you know as soon as possible that the vouchers have been sent to your account.
  • email us prior to the application close date if you are experiencing problems with receiving or using the vouchers at

Referral Agents must ensure that parents receive their vouchers or their voucher invitations in time for them to apply for and present it to an eligible Activity Provider.

Once a round is closed you are unable to apply for or issue voucher invitations.

Referring a FairPlay voucher

Referring children and young people

We want you to refer eligible children and young people to FairPlay by:

  • forwarding the invitation you receive from the department to parent/guardian/carer (for them to complete the application) or apply for a voucher/s on the parents' behalf.
  • demonstrating the reasons for referring a child/young person to the program if requested to do so by the department. This may include how the child/young person "can least afford or may otherwise benefit" from joining a sport or recreation activity provider.
  • having known the child/young person in your professional capacity for a minimum of 3 months.

Family member referrals

  • Referral Agents cannot refer an immediate family member.
  • in some circumstances a Referral Agent can refer a child or young person that is part of their extended family.

If you are unsure, please email

Referring a child to a sport or recreation activity provider that you are involved with

Referral Agents can assist the parent, guardian or carer in applying for the voucher or locating a suitable activity provider through the Find an Activity Provider link.

If you are a member or employee of that organisation then you cannot refer the individual to that Activity Provider.


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