Redeeming FairPlay vouchers for your organisation

Only registered activity providers can redeem FairPlay vouchers.

You can redeem vouchers at any stage until 25 November 2020. FairPlay vouchers are not redeemable after this date. Please read the terms and conditions regarding the redemption process.

Each voucher must be redeemed separately, as it contains details specific to an individual child.

Program changes due to COVID-19

If your organisation has already redeemed FairPlay vouchers, retain these funds and credit participants when your activities resume.

The expiration date on Round 2 vouchers has been extended in line with the latest round and must now be redeemed by activity providers by 25 November 2020.

You can also give the unredeemed voucher back to the parent or guardian, if they ask.

As part of the FairPlay terms and conditions for activity providers, you can’t provide a refund for any part of a voucher to a parent or guardian. However, you can be guided by your own internal refund policies for the remaining registration or membership fees.

How to redeem a voucher

Your key contact needs to redeem the voucher. If you are registered already, please check the details are correct. If any changes are required please complete the activity provider update form. You will need to have a copy of the voucher and your organisation’s bank account details to redeem a voucher.

  1. Log into the key contact’s personal QGrants account.
  2. Click ‘Applications’ and then click ‘Redeem Vouchers’.
  3. Follow the prompts to complete the claim process. Be sure to check the bank details to ensure there are no problems with the payment.
  4. Payments will be deposited into your organisation’s bank account within 10 business days.
  5. The application number (a 2000… number) will appear on your bank statement as the payment reference number.

Watch the video to see how to redeem vouchers.

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If the funds have not been received

If you haven’t received the refund 10 business days after completing the redemption process, go to your QGrants account and check what the voucher status is.

If the status is ‘Approved’ or ‘Agreement Created’, email and include the

  • voucher number
  • child’s name
  • date it was redeemed
  • contact details for a response.

If the status is ‘More Information Required’:

  • check that all details have been entered, including the participation activity and fee
  • the terms and conditions check box has been ticked.

Cancelling a child's voucher

A child is injured or changes their mind

The parent will needs to discuss cancelling membership with you. If your organisation has incurred any costs this should be deducted from the amount claimed.

Any unspent funds not transferred to another registered organisation should be returned to us. Email for more information.

A child doesn't get a place in a team

If you aren't able to field a team due to insufficient numbers:

  • If the voucher has not been redeemed, return it to the parent so they can present it at another registered activity provider.
  • If the voucher has been redeemed, talk to the parent about transferring the membership, registration or participation fees to another registered activity provider.