Volunteer management for clubs

These resources, tools and templates can help clubs improve their volunteer management strategies.

Volunteer protection

  • Does your organisation have a child protection policy?
  • Do all volunteers, coaches and officials hold blue cards?
  • Does your organisation encourage or provide training for coaches, volunteers and officials in the area of behaviour management.

Volunteer protection is an integral part of the management and running of clubs and associations. Volunteer protection includes the child protection, risk management and behaviour management. Organisations and individuals providing regulated child-related services are responsible for fostering safe service environments for children.

Blue cards and child protection

All volunteers in Queensland must obtain a Blue Card before coming into contact with children.

Volunteers, coaches and officials are aware of all aspects of Risk management strategies for child protection. In addition, managing the behaviour of players, coaches, officials and spectators can be one of the most challenging aspects of the role of volunteers and staff.


Behaviour management

Recruiting, retaining and recognising volunteers

Does your organisation have a current volunteer management plan or recruitment and retention strategies?

Does your organisation actively reward its volunteers?

Volunteers make a significant contribution to the sport and recreation industry in Queensland.  The recruitment, retention and recognition of volunteers are vital for the survival of most clubs and organisations.

Volunteer management

Volunteer recruitment and retention

Volunteer recognition

  • Valuing Volunteers in Sport and Recreation Recognition Kit to help recognise the significant contribution volunteers make to sport and recreation in the community.
  • Recognising Volunteers Sport and Recreation Western Australia

Training and developing volunteers

Does your organisation actively encourage and provide opportunities for education, training and development of its coaches and officials?

Volunteers are at the heart of your club's business. In addition to applying the principles of attracting and retaining these positions, there is specific training and development opportunities which will help to improve the quality of volunteering on offer at your club and provide professional development pathways that will improve the overall experience for volunteers.

Coach development

Official development

Administrator development

Training and development