Prospecting for Gold

The Queensland Academy of Sport (QAS) Prospecting for Gold (P4G) program will identify, support and develop talented Queensland athletes to produce Australian representatives at the Olympic Games, and other benchmark international events.

About the program

We identify, screen and test all potential prospects. Suitable athletes are then fast-tracked by linking them to high quality coaching programs where we are able to constantly monitor talent development and review their progress and requirements. We are committed to transitioning successful prospects into high performance sports programs so that they can achieve their sporting goals.

The program also works to identify ‘dual athlete’ prospects; athletes who have the skill and capacity to achieve in 2 sports.

We work collaboratively with all of the support services at the QAS, national and state sporting organisations, and the broader sporting community to give our P4G athletes the tools to become a top athlete.

Who are we looking for?

  • Uncut Diamonds - athletes who have raw talent that has not yet been developed. For example, someone with exceptional ability who has not had the opportunity to apply it to a specific sport.
  • Mine Recycling - athletes currently competing in sport at an elite level that could transition to another sport (i.e. Talent Transfer). For example transitioning from Athletics to Triathlon.
  • Viable Mines - athletes already in sport but have limited opportunities for their development. For example talented athletes from remote communities or elite athletes who have been away from sport for some time.
  • Fly In, Fly Out - athletes willing to add an Olympic discipline to their current sport commitment. For example, an elite Cricketer deciding to compete in Javelin.
  • Rare Minerals - athletes that are targeted at events, disciplines, sports that have a narrow talent pool. For example Archery, Women's Rugby 7s.

Who can apply

P4G suitability will depend on an athletes’ talent/ability, age, commitment, individual circumstances, and availability of appropriate developmental programs.


Lawrie Fabian - Senior High Performance Coordinator (P4G)
Phone: 07 37087857
Mobile: 0413733574

Watch the video

Duration 00:01:48

Bridie Kean: Hi, I’m Bridie Kean, I started off in Wheelchair Basketball and am now playing Wheelchair Tennis through the P4G program.

Henry Hopwood: G’Day I’m Henry Hopwood, I used to play Football growing up then I transitioned into a bit of Body Building and I’ve recently been identified in the QAS P4G program and have moved into Athletics.

John Woods: I’m John Woods and I’m from Rockhampton and I compete as a visually impaired Cyclist on the tandem bike.

Bridie Kean: After we didn't qualify I took a break from Basketball and took a while to sort of decide what to do next and then I decided I would try my hand at Tennis and through the P4G program the rest, I guess, is history.

Henry Hopwood: In terms of transition wise, it’s been pretty seamless. I’ve always had that performance goal and that’s sort of what’s driven me to train and what not so to change to a bit of performance in athletics rather than lifting weights has been cool.

John Woods: I’ve only been riding with David for a total time of about two hours on the bike and it already feels natural to ride with him.

Bride Kean: I don't know that I would've made the transfer without the P4G program, it’s been amazing.

Henry Hopwood: I’ve been offered anything I’ve really needed I suppose, i’ve got a coach that’s sets me up with everything I need and yeah anything’s there if you need it.

Bridie Kean: My long-term goals are to play as many tournaments and get on the international circuit eventually and in the next year to play as many as I can in Australia and then go from there.

Henry Hopwood: I suppose 2020 is the ultimate dream and making the Olympics and throwing for Australia would be huge so that’s in the mindset at the moment.

Bridie Kean: So, I’m really excited for this campaign.

Success stories

Since the launch of the program in 2013 it has already produced promising outcomes. Four athletes identified through the P4G Program successfully represented Australia at the 2016 Rio Olympics and Paralympics, and at the recent 2018 Commonwealth Games, P4G athlete Cassie Purdon came 6th in the high jump final.

With 31 athletes currently in the program, we work towards Tokyo 2021 in eager anticipation!