Facilities at the Queensland Academy of Sport

Lifting platforms with EliteForm system
Anti-gravity treadmill
Force plate testing

The Queensland Academy of Sport (QAS) headquarters are located at the Queensland Sport and Athletics Centre (QSAC).

Features of the headquarters include:

  • a soon-to-be refurbished gym
  • sport science laboratory equipped with the latest technology to further enhance athlete performances
  • on-site medical centre with access to a doctor, nutritionist and psychologist
  • recovery centre equipped with a four lane 25m cross training pool, wet therapy area incorporating ice baths, hot spa, sauna and cold plunge pool
  • dry therapy area consisting of medical suites.

Redevelopment project

The QAS and QSAC are set for a $9.8 million redevelopment as part of Activate Success - key priority of Activate! Queensland 2019-2029.

The major redevelopment will set the scene for continued success on the global sporting stage.

The upgrades will take the already international standard facility to a new era of innovation, including:

  • state of the art sport science and technology space
  • full upgrade of the training facilities.

QSAC will become a co-location for some of the state’s key sporting bodies, housed in new fit-for-purpose offices.

Medical centre

QAS houses an on-site medical centre incorporating a rehabilitation room, nutrition training centre and consultation rooms.

The medical centre provides coaches with the ability to conduct medical screening for their athletes incorporating musculoskeletal, medical, nutrition and psychology all on-site.


Athletes training at the QAS gym have access to the latest technology and training modalities to provide a platform with the aim of maximising the development of their physical capacities.

The gym is well-equipped and contains specialist strength training and cardiovascular equipment, giving our athletes a unique edge to their training programs.

In particular, equipment such as:

  • anti-gravity (Alter-G) treadmill
  • force plates (power and force monitoring)
  • EliteForm system (on-line strength planner with an integrated velocity and power monitoring system)
  • delayed video feedback systems.