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Kids and teenagers


Every day is an adventure so get out there and get active!

Think of getting active as an opportunity to enjoy yourself. It’s best to get active for 60 minutes or more every day. This is easier than it sounds as you can spread out 60 minutes over the whole day. It is really good if some activity makes you huff and puff a bit!

Check out these resources, programs and facilities:


Why not try something fun and different? 60 minutes is all you need each day.

There’s nothing cool about being unhealthy. Teenagers who are active are often healthier and happier because they can meet new friends, do better at school, university or work, and believe in themselves and be more confident.

You don't have to do one hour of activity all in one go. You can build up over the day. For example, 10 minutes walking to school, 20 minutes basketball at lunchtime, 10 minutes walking home from school and 20 minutes dancing around your room to your favourite music! Every little bit counts, but try to include some activity that is non-stop for 10 to 15 minutes - this would really help your heart health.

Physical activity helps your body grow, can help prevent you from getting hurt when you play sport and can help you to lead a longer, more enjoyable life.

As well as being active you should get a good night's sleep, (about eight to 10 hours if you can), eat plenty of fruit and vegetables and drink lots of water. Most importantly, enjoy what you do and have fun!

Join a club

Joining a sport or active recreation club is a great way for kids and teenagers to get fit and healthy while having fun and making new friends.

How can I find out about a club?

For more information about clubs in your local community contact the state sport or recreation organisation that oversees the sport or recreational activity that interests you.

Please also visit the Joining a sport and recreation club page.

Choosing a suitable club

There are many things to look for and consider when choosing a local sport and recreation club for your children.
  • Is the club suitable?
  • Is the club and its facilities safe?
  • Does the club provide good service?

Use the Active Choices Parent and Carer Checklist (PDF, 166K) to help ensure your children and other young people have the best possible experience when they are participating in sporting and recreation activities.

If a club does not get a tick in every box, this does not mean they are not a good club! This may present an opportunity for you to discuss with staff some of the ways the club may be able to improve its present facilities and services.

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