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Collaboration and networking

Promotion and evaluation

Business and legal advice

Business advice

Legal help

  • The Arts Law Centre of Australia is a national community legal centre for the arts. It has information and legal resources on
    • business names, structures, and trade practices
    • insurance and liability, employment and tax
    • censorship, confidentiality, and defamation
    • contracts and debt
    • Indigenous issues
    • copyright and moral rights, trademarks
    • wills and estates.
  • The Australian Copyright Council can help you answer questions about copyright, protecting your copyright, dealing with copyright infringements and getting copyright permission.
  • Legal Aid Queensland provides legal information and free legal help to those who cannot afford to pay for legal advice.

Research and policy

Case studies

Read Arts Queensland case studies by artists and organisations sharing what they have learned, and why and how they do what they do.

Research for artists and arts organisations