Museum history

Senior Curator, Kaye Nardella and historian, Bill Kitson
Senior Curator, Kaye Nardella and historian, Bill Kitson

In 1982, the department through the then Surveyor-General, JM Serisier ordered that a mapping and surveying museum be set up in order to preserve the mapping and surveying history of Queensland. The original museum was established in the Lands Administration Building, (now the Conrad Treasury Hotel), and Mr Bill Kitson was tasked with establishing and operating the museum.

With the support of the department and the mapping and surveying industry Bill set about collecting artefacts, which were rapidly disappearing as technology overtook the traditional means of creating maps and surveys. The museum’s collection grew from simply holding artefacts to include diaries, artwork, photographs and biographies which captured the personal and social history of those involved in surveying and mapping. Many historical maps of Queensland were also acquired.

In 1987, the museum moved to the newly constructed Landcentre in Woolloongabba.

In 1988, in order to preserve the artefacts that had been collected an agreement was signed with the Queensland Museum to become custodian of the collections whilst the department provides staff to manage and run the museum.

In 1991, the focus of the museum was broadened and it was renamed the Museum of Lands, Mapping and Surveying to include history of land development in Queensland.

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