Matching cash sponsorship and philanthropy

The Arts Leverage Fund incentivised private sector support for the arts and strengthened the financial sustainability of Queensland’s arts sector.

The Fund promoted private sector giving by matching eligible cash sponsorship and philanthropy dollar for dollar, while leveraging government investment in Queensland-based arts and cultural organisations.


The Fund aimed to:

  • Grow private sector support for the arts in Queensland by matching cash sponsorship and philanthropy, doubling the impact of investment.
  • Support arts organisations to improve their financial sustainability by building successful private sector relationships.
  • Build awareness in the business and philanthropic communities of the benefits of investing in arts and culture and the importance of a thriving arts community.


All available funding has been expended.

Funding for the program was $4.5 million over 3 calendar years (2015–17).


Please note the Arts Leverage Fund concluded in 2017 and is closed for new applicants.

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Should you require more information about this Fund please contact an Arts Investment Officer on (07) 3034 4016, 1800 175 531 (toll free), or email

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