Career and training in the arts

Are you thinking of a career as a musician, visual artist, dancer, actor, crafter, film maker, event organiser, writer, theatre maker, circus performer, DJ, sound or lighting designer?

This information on this page may help get you started.

For students and young people

  • The Edge has workshops and programs to enhance your skills in technology, new media and design. Learn about sewing and fabrics, web design, programming, working with technology (Mac computers), electronics, music, audio engineering or meet up with other like-minded people.
  • The Australia Council for the Arts has artist career research and resources on different art subject areas to help with your career.
  • Consider formal study in arts at

For teachers

Many arts organisations provide resources for teachers including bodies like Q MusicQAGOMAState Library of QueenslandQPAC,Qld Theatre and many more.

For artists

  • Arts Hub has job listings in the arts industry, along with job tips and career advice to help with your career planning.
  • Arts Acumen promotes collaboration, entrepreneurship and future thinking to strengthen sustainability in Queensland’s arts sector, and provides resources, information and opportunities to foster knowledge growth, connections and access to industry intelligence. Arts Acumen has been developed in consultation with arts sector individuals, organisations and advisory bodies.


Interested in volunteering to start your career in the arts?

Volunteer at the:

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