Fossicking licence types

There are 5 different licence types available for purchase:

  • Individual
  • Family – This licence is for the licensee holder and their family, including:
    • the licensee’s spouse
    • child, or a student under 23, living with the licensee as a member of their household.
  • Club – An entity is a club if, under its constitution, it is established for the educational, scientific or recreational study of minerals, rocks or natural history, even though it may also be established for a different purpose. For example, a gem or lapidary club. If you are a member of a club, it is possible that your club has already arranged a licence which applies to you. A member of a club means an individual who is a member of a club in any capacity.
  • Educational organisation – This includes any of the following:
    • a school, college or registered higher education provider
    • a museum
    • a government department involved in supplying educational services.
    If you are a member of an educational organisation, it is possible that your organisation has already arranged a licence which applies to you. A member of an educational organisation means a staff member or student of the organisation.
  • Commercial tour operator – This means a person who conducts, offers to conduct, agrees to conduct, or arranges for someone else to conduct, a commercial tour. Licences for commercial tour operators do not authorise fossicking for fossil specimens.

Licences for clubs, educational organisations and commercial tour operators authorise fossicking for a maximum of 50 people at any one time and place.