Victim complaints

If you have suffered harm as a result of a crime including domestic and family violence, you have rights. You should be treated appropriately by government and non-government agencies in accordance with the Charter of Victims' Rights.

You can make a complaint if you think that a government or non-government agency has not behaved in accordance with the Charter of Victims' Rights. A friend or family member may also make the complaint for you, with your permission.

Making a complaint

Complain directly to the agency

You can complain directly to the agency you feel treated you wrongly or unfairly, or who employs the person who treated you wrongly or unfairly.

You should contact them as soon as possible after the event(s).

If you do not know how to contact the agency, contact Victim Assist for help.

Once you have made a complaint, the agency should contact you. If you do not hear anything within 60 days, you can pass your complaint on to Victim Assist Queensland.

Complain to Victim Assist Queensland

You can complain directly to Victim Assist about the agency. After receiving your complaint, we will either:

  • liaise with agency and try to resolve the complaint
  • refer your complaint to the agency for their investigation.