The National Disability Insurance Scheme

Your rights under the Australian Consumer Law apply if you participate in the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), or if you have a problem with a disability related product or service you have paid for. Your NDIS plan may include things like:

  • personal care to support you in your home or the community
  • support to enable you to enjoy social and community interaction
  • help to complete daily living tasks, including help to improve your ability to do things independently
  • supported employment services and information about employment programs that prepare you for work
  • training to support family members to provide care that is reasonable in relation to your age and your family circumstances.

When you use your NDIS funding to buy these things, your consumer rights apply.

Annual report

The National Disability Insurance Agency published the 2018-19 Annual Report which provides a comprehensive overview of the Agency and NDIS.

Read the 2018-19 Annual Report

Further information

For information about choosing a provider and making a service agreement using NDIS funding in Queensland, visit the NDIS website.

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