Routine in detention

Young people are busy most of the day in the detention centre. They follow a routine that includes going to school at the centre, as well as taking part in programs and activities.

We give your child clothes, shoes and everything else they need. When they arrive at the centre, we take all their own belongings and store them until they’re released (except for dangerous items).

Your child is allowed to keep family photographs in their room and you can send some to them.


The centre has a number of accommodation units. Each has:

  • a kitchen
  • a lounge and dining room
  • a quiet area
  • an outdoor area
  • several young people's rooms.

Each young person's room has a bed, toilet, shower, desk and shelf. We supply sheets, blankets, a pillow and toiletries.

Your child is safe in their secure room. There are times during the day and night when they will be locked in their room. When your child is locked in their room (including overnight), we check on them at least every 15 minutes.


Your child gets breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as morning and afternoon tea each day.

Dieticians review menus with a focus on the needs of young people to make sure they offer appropriate nutrition and interesting variety.

Kitchen staff at the detention centre cook most of the meals on site. Kitchen staff can cater for particular health, cultural or religious dietary needs. Your child should tell staff about these when they enter the centre.


Your child goes to school at the detention centre from Monday to Friday during school terms.

The school can also offer vocational courses through TAFE.

Other programs and activities

On weekends and outside of school hours, the youth detention centre holds other programs and activities, such as art, music, Indigenous dance and sport.

During NAIDOC Week, the centre celebrates the achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.


While at a youth detention centre, your child must do certain things at set times. This is called structured day.

Structured day begins at 7am and usually ends between 7.30pm and 7.45pm.

Monday to Friday

  • wake, shower, dress and clean room
  • breakfast and housekeeping
  • school or program
  • morning tea
  • school or program
  • lunch
  • school or program
  • afternoon tea
  • school or program
  • dinner, housekeeping and unit time
  • bedtime

Weekends and public/school holidays

  • wake, shower, dress and clean room
  • breakfast, housekeeping and unit activities
  • programs
  • lunch
  • programs
  • rest or free time
  • programs
  • dinner
  • bedtime

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