Palen Creek Correctional Centre

Palen Creek Correctional Centre is situated about 100 kilometres south of Brisbane and is designed to accommodate low security male prisoners.


Security level:
Low security
Street address:
12113 Mt Lindesay Highway
Rathdowney QLD 4287
Postal address:
Private Mail Bag 1
Rathdowney QLD 4287
General phone:
(07) 5544 3700



  • 8.30am-9:30am
  • 10.30am-11:30am


  • 8.30am-9:30am
  • 10.30am-11:30am

Applications to visit (either in person or virtual) must have a Form 27 submitted and approved. The completed forms may be forwarded by mail to the address above or by email to:

Arrival times:

Please arrive 30 minutes prior to the start of your visit for processing.


Booking phone:
(07) 5544 3111
Booking times:

Tuesday-Wednesday 9-11am and 1-3pm

Friday 9-10am (for prisoners transferred on a Thursday)

Permanent bookings are not currently available.


A bus service is available for visitors to the Palen Creek Correctional Centre. There is no charge to visitors for this service.

Visitors MUST be an approved visitor to use this service.

For further information, contact the Prison Transport Group on Toll Free 1800 334 379.

Mobility services can be accommodated if required.

More information

No food, drink or tobacco products are permitted to be brought in. However, you may bring one of each of the below items with you when accompanied by children under school age.

  • 1 Nappy
  • Baby wipes
  • 1 bottle with formula (premade)
  • 1 Breastfeeding cover blanket (if you choose)

Bottle warming facilities are provided for warming baby bottles. You may do this on entry or exit of the facility.

Prams, push chairs, nappy bags and strollers are not permitted to enter the facility.

Visitors are to be allocated a table to sit at for the duration of the visit. If the visitor would like to move to the grass area with their child/children, this will be at the discretion of the supervising officer and Correctional Supervisor on that day.

Visitors will be provided with the Appropriate Dress Standards Notice when they receive their approval letter for entry to the facility. Any visitor who is not compliant with the appropriate dress standards will not be allowed entry to the visit session. They will be afforded the opportunity to change however if they are unable to do so the visit will be cancelled and documented on IOMS.

For more information, including rules and regulations when visiting, see – Visiting a prisoner.


Visitor factsheet