Study credit for dispute resolution training

If you have successfully completed Mediation level 1—Introduction to mediation skills and the National Mediator Accreditation assessment with our Dispute Resolution Branch, this is recognised by James Cook University.

Dispute resolution trainees who have completed Mediation Level 1 and the accreditation assessment can seek credit for the equivalent subject at JCU—LB5501 Facilitative Mediation Practice.

This means that trainees and students can achieve National Mediator Accreditation while working towards a post graduate qualification in conflict resolution.

The National Mediator Accreditation Standards require mediators to complete a training course of at least 38 hours. This requirement is met by JCU’s LB5501 and our Mediation Level 1.

How to be recognised for your prior training

Students must meet the training course requirements to sit the accreditation assessment to become a nationally accredited mediator.

The accreditation assessment is on day 3 of Mediation level 2—Development of mediation skills and accreditation assessment. The optional first 2 days of this course are an opportunity for students to prepare for the assessment.

Students must pass the accreditation assessment to become a nationally accredited mediator and to be eligible for credit towards JCU’s Conflict Management and Resolution program .

Likewise, a student completing the course at JCU can choose to become a nationally accredited mediator by taking our assessment.