Legal investment model

We allocate funding to legal assistance, legal profession regulation, and law library services using a legal investment model.

Our model is responsive to community needs, maximises service delivery within the available resources and promotes our close working relationships with Queensland’s legal assistance sector and the Australian Government.

Funding allocations are made in a way that best promote an integrated, efficient and effective service system that is focused on meeting the holistic needs of vulnerable and disadvantaged Queenslanders.

Our current model was implemented following a review of the allocation and administration of the investment in legal assistance, legal profession regulation, and law library services.

Collaboration on legal assistance services

One of the most valuable aspects of our model is collaboration with the legal assistance sector and the Australian Government.

In June 2020, Queensland signed the National Legal Assistance Partnership 2020–25 (NLAP).

The NLAP aligns with our model. Both are designed to improve:

  • targeting of available resources to areas of need
  • coordination
  • collaboration
  • efficiency
  • effectiveness
  • accountability.

Under the NLAP, we are responsible for allocating and administering Australian Government funding for Queensland Community Legal Centres.

Australian Government funding for Legal Aid Queensland flows through us under the NLAP.

Planning our services

Under the NLAP we work together with other members of Queensland’s legal assistance system to make sure services are delivered where they are most needed and that they have the greatest impact. This is called collaborative service planning.

The Queensland Legal Assistance Forum (QLAF) provides direction for how to carry out collaborative service planning, including:

  • planning for legal assistance services
  • developing best practice in service design
  • planning for continuous improvement.

Providing evidence is a key element of collaborative service planning. In 2016 we allocated funding to Community Legal Centres Queensland to deliver a report containing the latest evidence and analysis of legal need. The report was delivered in July 2016 and will be progressively updated as new information becomes available .

The QLAF develops annual frameworks to guide this work, which are set out in project plans. In October 2017, the QLAF developed the 2017 project plan. It brings together Queensland's collaborative service planning to date and identifies further opportunities to progress our work based on recent developments.

In March 2019 we engaged a facilitator to inform the next iteration of the QLAF's work plan to set its strategic direction for the 3-year period ending 2021.

Find out more about the QLAF Strategic Plan 2019–21 (PDF, 187KB).

Legal Assistance Investment Committee

The Legal Assistance Investment Committee is an important part of Queensland’s legal investment model. Its role includes:

  • overseeing funding allocation processes
  • making recommendations to the Attorney-General for consideration and final decision
  • overseeing the financial management of funding allocations.

More information about its purpose, membership and functions are set out in the terms of reference.

Acknowledging our investment

The funding we provide for the delivery of legal assistance, legal profession regulation, and law library services should be acknowledged by organisations in their annual reports and promotional materials relating to the services, including websites.

The Queensland Government crest should be used with either of the following acknowledgements:

  • The Queensland Government invests funds in the delivery of frontline services for vulnerable Queenslanders
  • Our services are provided with funds invested by the Queensland Government.

Contact us by emailing to request an electronic copy of the Queensland Government crest.

Our social service reforms

Social service reforms span across the broader service system and involve the Queensland Government transforming the way we manage our investment in social services to ensure improved frontline service delivery and sustainable outcomes for Queenslanders.

The Social Services Investment Framework sets out the principles for why and how we will invest in social services in response to feedback from the social services sector for greater transparency around investment and a reduction in red tape.

The framework provides the foundation for a program of reform that is transforming how we manage our investment in social services. Alongside other reforms, the framework will ensure that the best possible outcomes are achieved with the funding available.

It guides both government and the social services sector through a suite of reforms which aim to make the administration of funding more efficient, transparent and accountable, and to deliver sustainable services for identified needs.

Social Services Investment Portal

The Social Services Investment Portal provides information on this year’s grant and funding programs, as well as historical information on payments made from programs on a financial year basis.

This portal is part of the broader program of social service reform mentioned above.