Get an introduction agent licence

An introduction agent is a person who introduces people who are interested in:

  • having personal relationships
  • attending a social gathering.

You must be licensed if you offer services to clients in Queensland. You must still be licensed if you are based:

  • interstate
  • overseas
  • solely online.

You do not need a licence if you:

  • are a community and non-profit organisation, or you organise other public events such as dances
  • supply a published list of people looking for a relationship, as long as you charge less than $100 and
    • your clients do not contact you directly to access the list
    • you don't require your clients to use your service again
  • are a prostitution provider.


To be eligible for a licence, you must

  • be 18 years or older
  • not be insolvent or under administration.

You must not have:

Your corporation is not eligible for a licence if:

  • it is under external administration
  • has been convicted of a disqualifying offence in the past 5 years
  • any associated person of the corporation is not eligible.



When you lodge the form, you will need to attach formal identification. These documents must be original or certified copies.

Your identification can be 1 of the following:

  • Birth certificate or extract
  • Driver’s licence
  • Passport
  • Citizenship certificate


You will need to pay certain fees when you lodge your application. These include:

  • the licence fees
  • a criminal history check fee of $39.45 per person.

Criminal history check

To confirm your suitability, we will submit your application for a criminal history check. This will be thorough and may be time consuming.

Processing time

The processing time is 4–6 weeks. This can take longer if you have not supplied us with the all the information we need or you have not paid the correct fees.


Depending on your circumstances, you may be entitled to a partial refund if:

  • you withdraw your application
  • we refuse your application.

You may also get a refund on the fees for your criminal history check.


There are no training requirements for this licence.