Our fair trading inspectors

Fair Trading Inspectors have certain powers to allow them to investigate alleged breaches of fair trading laws.

We regularly make sure businesses and licensees obey the law. We can:

  • investigate claims
  • do spot checks
  • take enforcement action in the event of a breach.


An inspector must show you their identification as soon as they arrive. Their ID card will always include their photograph and signature.

An inspector can enter a place if:
  • it’s an open, public place
  • they have the owner’s permission
  • the Magistrates Court has issued them a warrant.
Once inside, they can:
  • search the premises
  • seize possessions
  • take copies of documents
  • take other people or equipment into the area.
You must follow any lawful direction they give you. If requested, you must give them:
  • your name and address
  • any information regarding your work
  • copies of any documents they ask for.

Our inspectors also have the power to stop or move a vehicle if they reasonably suspect that it contains evidence of an offence.


You may face penalties if an inspector finds that you:
  • have done unlicensed or inappropriate activity
  • obstructed their investigation
  • disobeyed a lawful direction they gave you.