Frequency test and exemption cards

A person may not need a blue card if the regulated child-related work they are doing is not frequent. The frequency test tells us how long a person can work in regulated employment without a blue card, under certain circumstances.

This page also explains changes to exemption cards held by police officers and teachers registered with the Queensland College of Teachers.

Frequency test

The frequency test checks whether a person needs a blue card based on how much regulated work (paid or volunteer) they will do in a year.

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You do not need a blue card if your regulated child-related work is not more than 7 days in a calendar year. If it is more than 7 days, a blue card is needed.

For this test, a ‘day’ includes a full day or part of a day (e.g. 2 hours of work on 1 day is considered to be a day). A ‘calendar year’ covers the period from 1 January to 31 December.

You cannot rely on the frequency test if you are either:

The new frequency test only applies to volunteers, paid employees and students doing practical placements for their course.

There is no minimum frequency test for people who run a regulated child-related business—you will always need a blue card.

This new frequency test replaces all existing frequency tests.

For example:

A person invited to perform as a guest speaker at an event for 2 days in a calendar year does not need a blue card.

A person providing child accommodation or homestay services for 10 days in a calendar year does need a blue card.

Exemption cards for Queensland police and teachers

Exemption cards are only held by police officers with the Queensland Police Service and teachers registered with the Queensland College of Teachers—and only required for work outside of a person’s professional duties (e.g. if a police officer is a foster parent, or a teacher volunteers at the local sporting club).

Exemption cards now have expiry dates and are valid for 3 years. They will expire if not renewed.

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If your exemption card does not have an expiry date printed on it, you will need to renew it by 31 August 2023.

The No Card, No Start law does not apply to exemption card applicants. Exemption card applicants can start in regulated child-related work as soon as they submit the exemption card application form to us.

If you have an existing exemption card, you can start in new employment as soon as the employer links you to their organisation as an exemption card holder.

There are no fees for exemption card applications and renewals.